FreeMind Supplements Guided Meditation

FreeMind Supplements Guided Meditation

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Meditation Tips:

1) Find a place where there are no distractions to meditate.  We don't recommend meditating in bed because it is easy to fall asleep.

2) It may be difficult at first, but keeping your back straight is very important for achieving the desired results.  If you don't want to sit cross-legged feel free to use a chair. Or if you don't feel comfortable sitting, feel free to lay down, making sure to keep your body symmetrical and your back straight.

3) Consistency is the key. As one of my Tibetan Mediation Instructors told me, "Think of meditating the way you would think of boiling water. It is better to keep the heat low and constant than it is to heat it intensely for short periods of time." In other words, it is better to meditate for short periods of time every day than it is to meditate for longer periods of time every so often.