Which Nootropics Are Good For You?

The question as to which nootropics are good for you will ultimately come down to each individual and their neurochemistry. There are lots of “good nootropics”, however, what is good for one person may not be good for another (and vice versa). Nootropics can offer a wide range of benefits from increased focus and memory, improved mood, increasing Neural Growth Factor (NGF), improving processing speed, etc.

To understand which nootropics are good for you, it is first important to understand how nootropics work. Nootropics work in a couple main ways. One of the ways is by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. A second way is by increasing the available amount of neurotransmitters in the brain. And the third way is by protecting the brain from toxins and other types of potential harms.

When talking about oxygen flow to the brain and increasing the amount of available neurotransmitters, it is important to first understand your own neurochemistry. Do you know which neurotransmitters do you already have in abundance? I, for example, learned that I am acetylcholine dominant, so certain nootropics (like Alpha GPC) tend to give me headaches while for others those nootropics are perfectly fine and produce no bad side effects..

My general theory on nootropics is to find ones that have been tested and have been shown to be both safe as well as effective for the specific cognitive goals that an individual may have. We have nootropics for a variety of goals including Focus & Memory, Concentration, Energy & Endurance, and Stress Relief & Relaxation. Once the cognitive goals have been selected and nootropics have been chosen, it is important to start at low dosages to access tolerance and gradually increase.

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