Mind over Matter- Improving Mental Toughness Through Natural Nootropics

Mental Toughness

As many of us may have heard one of the keys to being successful is mental toughness. In fact mental toughness as it turns out, is more important in determining success than intelligence or skill. When discussing mental toughness we tend to see it as a strictly psychological thing. In other words, mentally tough people just reason or think better than non-mentally tough people. I’d like to argue that along with our psychology there are ways we can improve our biology to help make us more mentally tough. Now, you maybe thinking “isn’t part of being mentally tough pushing through biology, mind over matter right?” To an extent I agree, but a having a brain that is functioning at top speed can make the psychological part of being mentally tough much easier. In short we can improve mental toughness by improving the function of our brains and that can be done through the use of natural nootropics.

How do nootropics help with mental toughness? Well, lets break down the idea of mental toughness first. What is it exactly? We tend to think of it differently for different scenarios. For athletes perhaps it is getting that PR after failing several times. For surgeons, house mom’s, and soldiers it could be something completely different. Nevertheless, all the instances of mental toughness require the person who is being mentally tough to have a clear mind that is sending clear signals and messages, right? Basically, mental toughness just is making the right decisions/ performing under pressure.

Nootropics can help us perform under pressure in several ways. First, many natural nootropics such as Rhodiola Rosea have been shown to reduce fatigue. Meaning when taking natural nootropics it takes more for you to get tired. And as we know being tired has lead to many devastating errors from car crashes to plane crashes. Also, natural nootropics such as Acetyl-L Carnitine have also been shown to increase the available amount of the neuro-transmitter acetylcholine which is responsible for information processing as well as decision making. Acetyl-L Carnitine also has ben shown to increase neural growth factor, which allows your brain to create new neuro pathways, and neuro networks thus helping you create new ways of thinking and store new information. 

How does this translate into real life? Imagine you are an elite athlete you and your teammates have been to several meetings learning new information about strategies for the next days game. Now, it is game day and you are expected to perform at a high level while exhausted. The natural nootropics you have been taking should help your brain function and perform better under all that pressure thus making you more mentally tough. Thanks to Rhodiola you are less tired than you would be otherwise and thanks to the extra choline you are able to make the right decisions about where to make the pass and finally you can easily recall all the intel your coaches gave you about the team the night before. Now you are a mentally tough and rounded machine.

Next time you’re thinking of a way too boost performance by becoming mentally tough consider taking some natural nootropics!