Create Your Own Reality - Nootropics and Quantum Physics

Create Your Own Reality - Nootropics and Quantum Physics

Have you ever sat there and visualized everything you want to have happen in your day, then went out and saw it happen just as you imagined? You might be surprised to find that there are tons of people doing this every day. Using words like “manifestation” and “deliberate creation” these new adventurers are discovering the unlimited potential of their minds. But is this real or is it just a bunch of hooey?

Recent breakthroughs in quantum physics could hold the answer to these questions. It has been proven that our thoughts affect reality. Basically, unlimited potential and infinite possibilities exist in the quantum field, and as we observe reality we are creating and collapsing the possibilities into one reality. This may sound strange at first but this has actually been proven true and repeated in multiple experiments. As author Neale Daniel Walsch puts it, “Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see.”

Many “transformational” groups have taken this information and used it to deliberately create everything from success to money to happiness. The process involved was made popular by documentaries such as “The Secret”, and the idea is that if you can imagine something so vividly that you have an emotional experience as if the imagined reality was actually happening, then the laws of quantum physics dictate that you are creating that reality. And if you are able to imagine and emotionally connect with these visions and train your brain to experience the world as if these things are already happening, then they have to show up in your experience.

Now, this is where many people have problems with this whole idea. They say to themselves, “I’ve been picturing a Mercedes and a mansion for years and I’m still driving my Ford Pinto and living in a house that is anything but a mansion.” This is the result of what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls underlying limiting beliefs. These are the conditioned responses from our life experience up to this point. To summarize the process of conditioning responses lets use Bob as an example:

 Little Bob has his first speaking presentation at school in 7th grade. He has prepared and prepared for weeks to deliver his speech perfectly. When he gets up to give his speech he freezes, then stutters, then the class laughs and Bob’s emotions are hurt. Bob immediately goes back to his desk and replays over and over what has just happened and feels worse and worse about it. After days of this process Bob decides he should never speak in front of groups of people like that ever again.

 Fast forward to the present day where Bob is grown up and working for a big time company. Once day Bob’s boss pulls him in and tells him he wants Bob to give a presentation about the company’s next big project at the meeting tomorrow. Bob immediately feels sick to his stomach and refuses to do it.

Now this a story that most of us can relate to somehow, but what actually happened? Well, when Bob froze up in front of the class, the first thing that started to happen was that he started to think negative things about himself, maybe things such as, “I’m not good enough, I’m not smart, I can’t talk in front of people, etc.”. Then he began to relate those thoughts with the feeling that were going on in his body (sick to his stomach, sad, angry, etc.) until eventually he related the thought with the feeling and conditioned it in his body. Now when Bob thinks about public speaking, he immediately feels the feeling he associates with it instead of being present to his actual experience, and as a result he limits himself based on past experiences.

Taking this back to our Mercedes example, lets say that we are consciously visualizing a Mercedes, but our internal dialogue is saying, “You don’t deserve that, you’re not good enough”. In this instance it will be very difficult to go against what our subconscious is telling us because our subconscious makes up approximately 95% of our daily thoughts. That means only 5% of our thoughts are actually going to creating a Mercedes while the other 95% are creating exactly what we already have.

We all do this exact same thing whether we are aware of it or not. The good news is, we know how to change it. Using the principles discovered in quantum physics, we can visualize ourselves in the future and practice the emotional response until it becomes automatic. For example, Bob could visualize himself giving a speech and feeling confident and happy and everyone in the meeting reacting positively to it until in became his natural belief about how it would go. In addition by visualizing and emotionally engaging with that possible future, Bob is creating it on a quantum level and bringing it into existence.

Here is where nootropics come into play. The process of rewiring your thinking and therefore emotional response involve a chemical called “neural growth factor” of NGF for short. When we practice certain thoughts we are activating “neural networks” and the more we use a neural network the stronger it becomes. Likewise, when we stop using a neural network, it loses its strength. The chemical that allows for this to happen is NGF. Certain nootropics, like those found in Insight™ by FreeMind Supplements, have been shown to increase the levels of NGF in the brain. What this means is if we practice “creating” or “manifesting” our reality by visualizing and rewiring our brain, we can rewire and therefore create our reality faster!

Imagine now, instead of having to practice new thought patterns and emotional responses for weeks or months in order for them to take shape physically in your brain, you could achieve the same results in half the time. This is an area that is newly being explored in science, but given what we already know, it shows a lot of promise. With proper practice, effort and the right kind of dietary supplementation to help, the life you have always wanted may be much closer than you think.